Demonstrated Technical Capabilities

Web Services
  • Restful OData endpoints using ASP.NET with backend databases like MySQL and SQL server
  • WCF based web services
  • PHP based APIs and web services
  • CMS (WordPress) backed restful APIs
  • Mobile apps
  • Native apps for Android
  • Hybrid Apps using Cordova
  • Web based interfaces
  • Apps on CMS
Identity, Authentication and Authorization
  • Custom identity providers using ASP.NET Identity
  • Custom OAuth server implementation
  • Integration with third party identity providers like Google, Facebook using OAuth
  • Complex RBAC (Role Based Authorization Control) implementation
Streaming Data
  • Real-time streaming of large and complex data from various stock exchanges and news publishers across the world to web and mobile devices
  • Store streamed data on servers for historical replaying, analysis and consolidated feeds.
  • Integration with Facebook, build social graphs and act automatically
  • Complex interactive graphs using rich d3 JavaScript library
  • GPS based location mapping and querying
  • Geofencing
  • Location proximity based searches and display
  • Display route history
  • Azure for SQL database, web app, storage, mobile service, cloud service, virtual machines, cache (Redis)
  • AWS for EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Route 53
Hardware capabilities
  • Touch gestures
  • Camera
  • Network
  • Status Bar
  • Screen Orientations
  • Mobile device push notifications
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
Embrace dis-jointed network in mobile apps
  • Support Offline mode for apps thereby enhancing user experience in app usage
  • Sync data in background between multiple devices and server
Industrial Process Automation
  • Complete automation of assembly line based industrial process
  • Inventory Management, Process Control, Station Insights, HR, scheduling and tracking
Integration with Third Party solutions and legacy technologies
  • Integrated with COBOL based software
  • Clean Integration with popular enterprise grade software to provide richer interface and unlock the power of modern devices and technologies.